A Closer Look at New Indie Horror Game – INSIDE

A Closer Look at New Indie Horror Game – INSIDE

If you love indie games, then you are in the right place. And if you loved the twisted and dark vibe that Limbo provided, you will without any doubt fall in love with INSIDE. Inside is an indie game from the same game developers that made Limbo-a Danish independent game development company called Playdead.

Although they were not well known before limbo, they certainly earned their place among the top companies with that title. And now we have something completely new and fresh with the same note of mystery and goosebumps. So let’s see what is INSIDE all about.


The Plot Itself.

Without revealing too much of the story line, I will try to show you what the plot is about. Whether or not the story has a metaphorical note in it, you are definitely running from something evil that was once a human. The story begins as you, an unknown red-shirted boy traverse trough a dark and mysterious forest. Rings any bell? Although it resembles Limbo in some ways, this game is not even remotely another copy/paste game version.

The game is unique and incredible as you will see. After the protagonist, the boy in a red shirt, moves a couple of meters deeper into the forest, he is chased by men with lights attached to their heads.

The chase evolves as humanoid creatures continue to chase you in vehicles, where the boy miraculously escapes using the environment. As it often happens in survival-horror games. The story line continues with a mysterious feeling, wrapped around a dark and utterly terrifying atmosphere.

Physics and Movement.

How NPC’s and the player itself behaves has great importance in modern games. This is why gaming companies focus much more on physics rather than graphics. How models in INSIDE react with surroundings and effects is absolutely stunning.

You will need to learn how things move and behave in order to even think about playing the game on difficult levels. And if you thought about playing the game on a hardcore mode and finish it without dying once, you should think again. There is a lot to be learned from physics system in this game, and I think that we should see more games with similar physics system.

Should You Buy It?

Supporting great game titles by donating or buying them is a great way to improve future games. The game was released in July on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. It’s available on Stream for about 20 bucks, and it’s definitely worth the money. So if you like to support indie games, you should definitely take a look at INSIDE and if you like it buy it.

Indie games are the future of modern gaming, as new mainstream game titles revolve around the same pattern. It’s either great graphics with literally no storyline whatsoever or the NPC’s are unrealistically stupid and hard to convince that you’re actually playing a modern next-gen game. So go ahead, give it your thought and rate it.

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