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How to Get an Advantage in the super popular Agario game Comments Off on How to Get an Advantage in the super popular Agario game

How to Get an Advantage in the super popular Agario game

Posted by on Jan 23, 2017 in Gaming World

You’ve heard of the massively popular multiplayer game Agario. The game can be accessed online, and it is also available on mobile smart devices running on either Android and iOS.

It is universally accepted that among the new games that are available today, Agario is the one of the most addictive and easiest games that you can play to fill your time. You only need a working device that lets you connect to the internet, and you can play the game. In this article, you will learn how to play the game and about several Agario hacks and Agario cheats you can use in the game.

What is Agario?

The name comes from the agar substance culture which is widely used in laboratories. The game has a very simple interface, and all the player needs to do is increase the mass amount of their cell without getting swallowed by other bigger cells. It sounds so simple, but seeing that the game has gathered millions of players worldwide, it can be quite overwhelming to keep up with the other players and get ahead in the game. Some players get so frustrated that they consider giving up as they find progress impossible.

Are Cheats and Hacks Acceptable?

If you are uncertain about the morality of using hacks and cheats to get ahead in the game, you are not alone. It is a widely-accepted fact that many players of games, mostly with digital devices, use some type of cheat at some stage.

There are many cheats and hacks available for most games that will alter a part of the game and that will work in favour of the player. The reason why players want to cheat is usually one of these four reasons: they are stuck, they want to number one; they want to end the game fast or just want move to a more exciting stage of the game. The most common reason is being stuck, and it is no different with the Agario game, even if the game’s interface and gameplay are very easy to use.

Special Agario cheats and Agario hacks

There are online tools you can download or use online that will help give you an advantage with the game. However, you have to assume that many other players are also taking advantage of these online tools for the same reason.

The most common features that these online tools possess are boosting up coins, mass, XP, unlocking skins, and other helpful features. The first three boost ups are often used for the most obvious reasons. When you use them, they give you a much better chance of winning. All you need to do is to make sure that your cell is not swallowed up by other bigger cells.

But even with all these hacks and cheats, it will only be effective when you have learnt some of the strategies that are used by the most experienced Agario players. There are also tips shared by other players that they have used to great effect, even without using the Agario cheats or Agario hacks so don’t forget to do more online research, you can find lots of information online, or just read this article

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All you need to know about Dominations hacks and cheats Comments Off on All you need to know about Dominations hacks and cheats

All you need to know about Dominations hacks and cheats

Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in Gaming World

If you are fond of playing DomiNations, then one of your goals as a player is to be one of the best players out there and gather all the free crowns you can. However, if you just started playing the game and you want to build a good image then you should think about using DomiNations hacks and cheats because it can help you a lot especially if you are just starting out. So, if you are planning to try a hacking tool that could help you throughout the game, here is everything you need to know:


Can I cheat in playing DomiNations?

Some players do not believe that they can cheat in playing DomiNations just by using the various programs that are offered. But by using automated farming software it will help you massively when it comes to upgrading your build troops, constructing your buildings and houses, completing your missions in no time, hunting animals without sending one of your workers, collecting all the available gold. There are features that you can disable in using any program if you wish to, but you have to take note that there are very few genuine DomiNations hacks that will provide you with thousands of build troops and endless gold etc. so you need to choose carefully and do not be tempted to pay for a hack.


Do all the players who cheat get banned?

You have to know that regardless of what ever game that you are playing, there is no way of confirming that you are cheating. There are no records or history kept of a person who has been persecuted just because he cheated. However, there are some publishers who decided to ban some players who constantly cheat, so you have to be careful that all of your items, as well as the program that you are using, will remain undetected and is high quality and up to date.


What are the best DomiNations cheats out there?

There are many various programs that you could choose from so check any site for recommendations left by satisfied users; you will just have to stick with the one who can give you a lot of benefits as a player. Just make sure that even though it’s a DomiNations tool that you are looking for, always deal with a reputable company or publisher such as with lots of positive comments rather than negative feedback. In that way, you can assure that you will be able to use the hacking tool effectively since it works in the first place. All you need to do is to keep on upgrading, and you’ll be unbeatable.


How can I get unlimited gold or troops?

As what we have mentioned above, as of now, there are only a few hacking tools that can provide endless gold to the user. The program should also help you in upgrading and finish multiple tasks all at once. The rest is up to your strategy and the way you utilize it so the skill element of the game is not spoiled.

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A Closer Look at New Indie Horror Game – INSIDE Comments Off on A Closer Look at New Indie Horror Game – INSIDE

A Closer Look at New Indie Horror Game – INSIDE

Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 in Gaming World

If you love indie games, then you are in the right place. And if you loved the twisted and dark vibe that Limbo provided, you will without any doubt fall in love with INSIDE. Inside is an indie game from the same game developers that made Limbo-a Danish independent game development company called Playdead.

Although they were not well known before limbo, they certainly earned their place among the top companies with that title. And now we have something completely new and fresh with the same note of mystery and goosebumps. So let’s see what is INSIDE all about.


The Plot Itself.

Without revealing too much of the story line, I will try to show you what the plot is about. Whether or not the story has a metaphorical note in it, you are definitely running from something evil that was once a human. The story begins as you, an unknown red-shirted boy traverse trough a dark and mysterious forest. Rings any bell? Although it resembles Limbo in some ways, this game is not even remotely another copy/paste game version.

The game is unique and incredible as you will see. After the protagonist, the boy in a red shirt, moves a couple of meters deeper into the forest, he is chased by men with lights attached to their heads.

The chase evolves as humanoid creatures continue to chase you in vehicles, where the boy miraculously escapes using the environment. As it often happens in survival-horror games. The story line continues with a mysterious feeling, wrapped around a dark and utterly terrifying atmosphere.

Physics and Movement.

How NPC’s and the player itself behaves has great importance in modern games. This is why gaming companies focus much more on physics rather than graphics. How models in INSIDE react with surroundings and effects is absolutely stunning.

You will need to learn how things move and behave in order to even think about playing the game on difficult levels. And if you thought about playing the game on a hardcore mode and finish it without dying once, you should think again. There is a lot to be learned from physics system in this game, and I think that we should see more games with similar physics system.

Should You Buy It?

Supporting great game titles by donating or buying them is a great way to improve future games. The game was released in July on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. It’s available on Stream for about 20 bucks, and it’s definitely worth the money. So if you like to support indie games, you should definitely take a look at INSIDE and if you like it buy it.

Indie games are the future of modern gaming, as new mainstream game titles revolve around the same pattern. It’s either great graphics with literally no storyline whatsoever or the NPC’s are unrealistically stupid and hard to convince that you’re actually playing a modern next-gen game. So go ahead, give it your thought and rate it.

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Things you didn’t know about Indie games Comments Off on Things you didn’t know about Indie games

Things you didn’t know about Indie games

Posted by on Sep 21, 2016 in Gaming World

The dream of every game developer out there is surely becoming the designer of the next big indie game. It is the whole reason for pursuing this career in the first place, being a developer in a company isn’t the same as reaching your goal on your own.

When you’re just another ordinary person who happens to be a game designer by profession and you develop the next big hit game, the fame and the money from it becomes even more attractive, and you have it all for yourself. However, the chances of success in this type of business are slight, but who’s to say your next game won’t be a new Minecraft?

Even though people think developing a pixel art indie game is easy, in reality, it requires a lot of effort, commitment, and work. Developing a game that has a possibility to become a money-earning and popular game doesn’t require only your time and effort, you will also need to invest your money to make it happen. All this might sound discouraging to you, but don’t worry, here are some things you should know about indie games before you start designing your own.


  1. Indie games aren’t easy to make.

People often assume developing indie games is a lot easier than designing big-budget favorite games, which is really a misconception. Yes, the biggest gaming companies invest a lot more money into developing new games, their teams are bigger, their developers are professional and serious about their job, but that doesn’t mean their job is harder.

Just the opposite, everything they in teams, you as an independent game developer have to do on your own. You don’t have fixed working hours, you don’t get to relax and take a break. And at last, your job isn’t just programming, you have to create everything, stories, dialogues and everything that goes with your game. When you look at it like this, it appears developing indie games can be a lot harder than working for major game developer company.

  1. Developing indie games won’t make you rich over the night.

Wealth and developing indie games aren’t the same things. Even though, several indie games become popular each year, the amount that were forgotten is a lot bigger. To achieve your goal and become rich, you will have to sell millions of copies of your game which is very hard even for the major companies.

However, the key to success is never giving up. If you cannot fund development, try finding someone who will, or work in small groups. The expenses of development are really large, and this is why developers cannot become rich over the night, if you find someone to rely on, this goal might be easier to achieve.

  1. Marketing is important.

Developers tend to think the world of their games, and that is why they think they don’t need marketing services. Whether your game is good or bad, if you don’t tell people about it, they won’t play it. The advertisement is necessary for the indie games as it’s needed for any other kind of product you want to sell.

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Indie games – popular or not? Comments Off on Indie games – popular or not?

Indie games – popular or not?

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Gaming World

Contrary to popular opinion, developing indie games isn’t easy even if it’s a pixel art graphics type of game. People tend to underestimate developers’ efforts, just because their names aren’t a big hit in the gaming world.

Independent developers have to put in a lot more effort, time and money into designing their own game than major game developer companies, and that’s a fact. Some of the indie games, however, remained a hit since their release, games such as Minecraft or Braid.

These games made their developers very wealthy and famous, and that’s what most of the new developers want to achieve. But what happens when they don’t have a unique and exciting idea for their game?

indie games home

When designers learn the hard truth that it isn’t all fun and games in this job, and they don’t know how to make exciting new games they turn to copying. Copycat indie games are numerous.

However, when they don’t know what else to do, developers take one indie game, change it a little and release it that way. This resulted in disappointment in indie games, it just became annoying to the gamers out there, and who would want to play something they already had? A new title doesn’t mean a new game.

The second thing about indie games that also leads to disappointment is, of course, repetitive games. Most of the latest released indie games don’t have a unique storyline and you cannot play them for a long time. Boring games are the worst type of game.

image 2nd leftIf you don’t have something different and interesting to do in the game, why would you play it? The building, upgrading, killing the enemies, how many games you’ve played fits this description? Too many, I would say.

This kind of game can be played for thirty minutes’ tops before you get bored to death.  Thirty minutes is enough to see everything a game has to offer, and you can leave it and never play it again.

This is a shame, because independent game developers should be a little more imaginative, and people would like to see what they have to offer as opposed to large enterprises.

It seems the only thing independent developers think about, nowadays, is the profit they can get from developing, the sad thing is that they invest their money in a game that won’t even be remembered since it is the same as any other game.

Pixel art games as a subgenre of indie games became popular overnight, and they remained that way until today. However, when developers realized it is a hit, they all began designing pixel art games, and people became fed up with them.

Game developers don’t have new ideas or unique storylines to create any more, and that results with the unpopularity of indie games, which is a shame since indie games were an excellent way to explore something new, have fun and ultimately make a developer happy.

What can be more satisfying than watching your idea growing to become a favorite, money-earning game?


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The Fall Of The Indie Gaming Scene Comments Off on The Fall Of The Indie Gaming Scene

The Fall Of The Indie Gaming Scene

Posted by on Aug 17, 2016 in Gaming World, RPG, VR Gaming

People that don’t play indie games simply because they only want games with excellent graphics are people that miss a lot of good games. The indie gaming scene brought us many memorable games, including Papers Please and Hotline Miami.

But these games are just aberrations in the world of indie games. The rest of the indie scene is filled with low-quality games that are just gray copies of more successful releases. New indie games are boring, and they offer nothing new and exciting. When you go to Steam store, you can find hundreds of indie games that are utterly dull and uninventive.

For instance, we got Mercenary Kings, a platformer game in which you go on missions to kill enemies and build up your base and upgrade some stuff. The design of the game is pretty, but the game is repetitive, and it doesn’t bring anything new that would wow anyone. The game has a minuscule number of level designs and after around 30 minutes you see everything the game has to offer. This is a wrong way to make a game, and people should realize that. The same can be said about Strider. That is just another platformer game, whose developers tried to make the profit due to the popularity of this genre.


So, what is the problem here? The problem lies in the simple way through which someone can release their game to a wider audience. If you create a game you can send it to Greenlight, and when some people (developers Facebook friends) approve it, the game hits the Steam. Developers that have no new ideas found this as an easy way to gather funds by only making a copy of a popular indie game and changing it slightly.

The evidence for this is everywhere. For example, Trine manages to grab the attention of many, and suddenly you have dozens of platformer games all over the internet. The Bastion manages to captivate many with its fascinating story and all of a sudden you got a ton of isometric RPG-like indie games on the Steam.

Then there is the pixel art. Several pixel art games became popular and all of a sudden a whole wave of indie developers started using pixel art in their creations. You still have quite a few pixelated games that are exciting, innovative and fun. But you also have hundreds of pixelated games that are failed copies of those that became popular. This retro style that uses pixel art is outdated, and there are limits to everything. An example of a failed retro style game is the Shovel Knight who brought the NES style of pixel art to the PC.

We shouldn’t forget games that are plain and stupid, like Rock and Grass Simulator. Those games tried to jump on the train whose origins rested in Goat Simulator. Goat simulator was a game that was stupid, but it was created to draw Youtubers and reap profits from the hype those people generate.

Those ugly copies tried to replicate that, and they failed, like a dozen of other simulators as well.

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