Indie games – popular or not?

Indie games – popular or not?

Contrary to popular opinion, developing indie games isn’t easy even if it’s a pixel art graphics type of game. People tend to underestimate developers’ efforts, just because their names aren’t a big hit in the gaming world.

Independent developers have to put in a lot more effort, time and money into designing their own game than major game developer companies, and that’s a fact. Some of the indie games, however, remained a hit since their release, games such as Minecraft or Braid.

These games made their developers very wealthy and famous, and that’s what most of the new developers want to achieve. But what happens when they don’t have a unique and exciting idea for their game?

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When designers learn the hard truth that it isn’t all fun and games in this job, and they don’t know how to make exciting new games they turn to copying. Copycat indie games are numerous.

However, when they don’t know what else to do, developers take one indie game, change it a little and release it that way. This resulted in disappointment in indie games, it just became annoying to the gamers out there, and who would want to play something they already had? A new title doesn’t mean a new game.

The second thing about indie games that also leads to disappointment is, of course, repetitive games. Most of the latest released indie games don’t have a unique storyline and you cannot play them for a long time. Boring games are the worst type of game.

image 2nd leftIf you don’t have something different and interesting to do in the game, why would you play it? The building, upgrading, killing the enemies, how many games you’ve played fits this description? Too many, I would say.

This kind of game can be played for thirty minutes’ tops before you get bored to death.  Thirty minutes is enough to see everything a game has to offer, and you can leave it and never play it again.

This is a shame, because independent game developers should be a little more imaginative, and people would like to see what they have to offer as opposed to large enterprises.

It seems the only thing independent developers think about, nowadays, is the profit they can get from developing, the sad thing is that they invest their money in a game that won’t even be remembered since it is the same as any other game.

Pixel art games as a subgenre of indie games became popular overnight, and they remained that way until today. However, when developers realized it is a hit, they all began designing pixel art games, and people became fed up with them.

Game developers don’t have new ideas or unique storylines to create any more, and that results with the unpopularity of indie games, which is a shame since indie games were an excellent way to explore something new, have fun and ultimately make a developer happy.

What can be more satisfying than watching your idea growing to become a favorite, money-earning game?


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