Things you didn’t know about Indie games

Things you didn’t know about Indie games

The dream of every game developer out there is surely becoming the designer of the next big indie game. It is the whole reason for pursuing this career in the first place, being a developer in a company isn’t the same as reaching your goal on your own.

When you’re just another ordinary person who happens to be a game designer by profession and you develop the next big hit game, the fame and the money from it becomes even more attractive, and you have it all for yourself. However, the chances of success in this type of business are slight, but who’s to say your next game won’t be a new Minecraft?

Even though people think developing a pixel art indie game is easy, in reality, it requires a lot of effort, commitment, and work. Developing a game that has a possibility to become a money-earning and popular game doesn’t require only your time and effort, you will also need to invest your money to make it happen. All this might sound discouraging to you, but don’t worry, here are some things you should know about indie games before you start designing your own.


  1. Indie games aren’t easy to make.

People often assume developing indie games is a lot easier than designing big-budget favorite games, which is really a misconception. Yes, the biggest gaming companies invest a lot more money into developing new games, their teams are bigger, their developers are professional and serious about their job, but that doesn’t mean their job is harder.

Just the opposite, everything they in teams, you as an independent game developer have to do on your own. You don’t have fixed working hours, you don’t get to relax and take a break. And at last, your job isn’t just programming, you have to create everything, stories, dialogues and everything that goes with your game. When you look at it like this, it appears developing indie games can be a lot harder than working for major game developer company.

  1. Developing indie games won’t make you rich over the night.

Wealth and developing indie games aren’t the same things. Even though, several indie games become popular each year, the amount that were forgotten is a lot bigger. To achieve your goal and become rich, you will have to sell millions of copies of your game which is very hard even for the major companies.

However, the key to success is never giving up. If you cannot fund development, try finding someone who will, or work in small groups. The expenses of development are really large, and this is why developers cannot become rich over the night, if you find someone to rely on, this goal might be easier to achieve.

  1. Marketing is important.

Developers tend to think the world of their games, and that is why they think they don’t need marketing services. Whether your game is good or bad, if you don’t tell people about it, they won’t play it. The advertisement is necessary for the indie games as it’s needed for any other kind of product you want to sell.

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